Practical Wine Tips to Save You Money and Frustration

Practical Wine Tips to Save You Money and Frustration

Wine can be fun, but it can also be the reason for frustration and disappointment. To get the most out of your wine experience, here are some practical wine tips you will surely find valuable.

Use the Right Wine Opener

Wine cork can be stubborn, but not if you know the right trick and tool to use to pop it out. Cork screw is 16th century technology, so why would you use it when you have a more efficient opener in a cork pop? A modern cork pop has a canister of inert gas, and when you squeeze it through the cork, the gas forces it to come up and you have a bottle of wine open in one second. In short, it’s the ultimate wine opener and can come in very handy when you need quick ways to open a bottle of wine like in parties and wine tasting activities.

Play TAG – Temperature, Aeration and Glassware

Playing this game can make any wine taste super and can be very useful if you’re dealing with cheap wine. You can do this by taking a room temperature bottle and dipping it straight into an ice bucket for about ten minutes. That would make the temperature drop to same temperature a wine cellar would have. After ten minutes, take the bottle out an aerate it. Don’t pour it in your wine glass yet, though. Instead, pour it first in a large container like a water pitcher, to allow more space for aeration. Once you see the bubbles, you can transfer it to your wine glass, softening the wine even more through the process. The result is wine that’s more flavorful and aromatic.

Know When Wine Goes Bad

When does wine go bad? This is a question you will often hear, and knowing the answer to it can save you from a lot of headache. For the most part, the biggest factor is the structure of the wine. How the wine is bottled can also be a factor. For a wine that’s stainless steel fermented and with a plastic cork, it’s usually meant to be drunk very early. For other low-priced, ready to drink wine, overnight is long enough. Fuller wines, on the other hand, can sit for two to three days and continue to oxidize until they are actually ready to drink.

Learn How to Preserve Wine

Some wines are meant to be aged for a certain period before consuming. If you’re like most people, though, you probably want wine you can age at the backseat of your car and drink once you get home. If this is your style, you need to learn how to preserve wine since ready-to-drink wine can easily go bad once opened. The key to preventing wine from going bad is to keep it in an air-tight bottle. Take a screw cap and an empty bottle of beer, for instance, and transfer your wine there. Since it’s air tight, you can expect your wine to still taste good even after five days. Spraying inert gas on top of the wine before sealing is also an excellent idea to keep it preserved.

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